Data Recovery for Mac, Macbook, iMac, iPad, iPod, iPhone and Mac format external hard drives

When the Mac store tells you that your hard drive or other storage device is failing then you need a data recovery service provider who does clean-room work and understands Mac HFS and HFS+ file-systems.  While the clean-room aspect of a Mac users data recovery job may be the same as it is with a PC, Apple’s HFS and HFS+ file systems require a much different recovery process which means that you need an expert in both clean-room data recovery work and HFS and HFS+ file-systems.  Our success rate for recovering data from Mac format hard drives, flash drives, external drives and NAS devices is second to none.AppleDataRecovery

ITC Data Recovery has successfully recovered data from almost every type or Apple and Mac system thats ever been made.  Our ISO certified clean room and data recovery lab has data recovery equipment and process in place specifically designed for recovering data from HFS and HFS+ file systems.  We will recover your data quickly and affordably and if necessary we can usually recover your Apps as well (although it’s usually preferable to reload them).  Some models such as the Macbook and iMac require specialized training and tools to remove the hard drive which is a service that we provide at no charge.

For additional information please give us a call or bring your hard drive or computer into our data recovery lab in Waukesha for a free diagnostic evaluation and price quote.  Our typical Mac recovery job is just $289 although there are a number of factors such as encryption, size, the type of damage to the drive and whether the drive has been previously opened that we will evaluate when we give you an exact quote on the recovery of your data. All of our data recovery jobs come with the guaranty that if for any reason we would not be able to recover your data then you won’t asked to pay anything for data recovery.