Data Recovery

data-imgIf you have a crashed hard drive or other device and need to get your data back then you’ve come to the right place. ITC is one of only two clean-room data recovery labs actually located in the state of Wisconsin and the only one east of Madison.  Our pricing generally runs 30-40% less than any of the national labs.

ITC Data Recovery will begin working on your data recovery job immediately.  All of our work is performed locally in our Waukesha ISO certified clean-room and data recovery laboratory so we have to ship your drive anyplace else for recovery.  This means that your hard drive won’t have to be shipped someplace else for recovery.  If for any reason your data is not recoverable (which is rare but does happen) then you can cancel the job and there is no cost to you for our recovery work.  All of our work is backed by our No Data = No Cost Guarantee.

If your have experienced a hard drive failure then we will recover your data locally, safely and at the best possible price.

ITC Data Recovery has the most highly skilled data recovery engineers in the industry and operates a Class 100 clean-room along with the industries most advanced and specialized recovery equipment available.  Regardless of what type of hard drive you have or which operating system it was running, if anyone can get your data back ITC Data Recovery can and will do it far more quickly than the industry standard of one to two weeks.  In most cases our customer is getting their data back in as little as 24-48 hours after we receive the drive from them.  There are a small percentage of drives that are not recoverable but with ITC Data Recovery you have the assurance that if your drive can be recovered anywhere in the world then our lab can recover it.

PC/Laptop Hard Drive

data recovery milwaukee wi

IT departments and IT service companies all over Southeastern Wisconsin rely on ITC Data Recovery to meet their PC and laptop data recovery needs- and often to provide service for their clients as well.  Our clean-room data recovery lab service for hard drives is top notch and in most cases we can have all of your data back and copied onto an external hard drive or flash drive within 24-48 hours.  For emergencies we can often recover your most critical data within hours.  Home computer users also represent a large segment of our data recovery operations as the cost savings we provide puts clean-room data recovery service within the reach of the average computer user.  The loss of photos, documents, music/video libraries and other data is something that we can be reverse without having to spend a month’s rent or mortgage payment on it.

If your hard drive crashed, your computer no longer starts up, your data is otherwise inaccessible or the drive is no longer detected by your computer then your first call should be to ITC Data Recovery.  If the data on your failing hard drive is valuable to you then we do not advise using software to attempt data recovery.  Hard drives have a built in system to detect failures and may freeze up in a ‘protective’ mode just prior to the point where irreversible data loss occurs.  Using software recovery products on a failing drive may override that and cause irreversible data loss.  If someone has already attempted data recovery and failed then we may still be able to recover your data.  Our data recovery service is 100% risk free so if for any reason we cannot recover the data then you won’t be asked to pay anything for the work. 

No appointment is necessary to bring your drive into our service center for a free diagnostic and price quote.  If you decide to go ahead with the job we will start working on your data recovery right away.  Our data recovery service is the fastest in the industry and our prices cannot be beat.

Mac Hard Drive

mac data recovery milwaukee wi

If the Mac store told you that your hard drive is failing then you need a data recovery service provider that specializes in Macs.  While there are only a few manufacturers who produce the hard drives that go into every computer, Mac computers use a different file-system known as HFS or HFS+.  Safely recovering the data from a failed Mac file-system requires a specialization in both data recovery and Mac filesystems.  

For your Mac’s data recovery ITC Data Recovery will provide the service that you need for a price that you can afford.  Our ISO certified clean room and data recovery lab can recover the data from every model of Apple Mac computer that has ever been made and in most cases the job is complete where you will get all of your data back in as little as 24-48 hours.  Simply give us a call or bring your hard drive into our data recovery lab in Waukesha for a free diagnostic report and price quote.  We will get your data back fast and if you need your applications back as well we can get those too so that they can be copied onto your new Mac and everything will be as you left it.  

Some models such as the Macbook and iMac require specialized training and tools just to remove the hard drive from the enclosure within the machine.  If you are unsure as to how to remove the hard drive or it hasn’t already been removed for you by the Mac store then you can bring us the whole computer and our technicians will handle the job of removing the drive for data recovery at no cost to you.  External Mac storage devices are also recoverable in our lab.  

For additional information please give us a call or you can just bring your hard drive or computer into our data recovery lab in Waukesha for a free diagnostic and price quote.  All of our data recovery jobs come with a guaranty that if we can’t recover your data for any reason then you won’t be asked to pay anything for the job.

Linux/Unix Hard Drive

unix linux data recovery milwaukee waukesha wi

If you’ve got a Unix or Linux system that failed then ITC Data Recovery can recover it for you.  We can recover data from individual Linux or Unix hard drives or disk mirrors and RAID arrays where multiple drives have failed and the RAID array or drives are no longer detected.  We can get your data back or in many cases can recover entire file-systems so that you won’t have to reload the operating system and can put the system back into production immediately.  

Clients requesting data recovery services for Linux or Unix systems usually have some very specific needs that we are able to accommodate and get the data back and often the entire operating system as well.  Simply give us a call or bring your server or hard drive into our data recovery lab in Waukesha and we can perform some diagnostic tests on the hard drive(s) and tell you exactly what’s wrong with it and what your options are.  Regardless of the type of failure on your Linux or Unix box ITC Data Recovery is the fastest option and the lowest price for clean-room service.

External Drive

External USB hard drive data recovery Milwaukee WI

External/Portable hard drives that plug into your computer via the USB port are the single most broken drive that we see in our service center.  While the physical hard drive inside the enclosure is often the same type of drive that can be found inside many computers, external drives are more prone to being bumped or falling over on the desk where they can be easily damaged.  Hard drives are relatively stable when powered off but when powered up the hard drive is very fragile highly prone to becoming damaged by even a slight impact with a desk or table.  

External hard drive data recovery requires a unique set of specializations given that they are almost always mechanical failures, the drives often have built in encryption and many lack a standardized port from which to plug them in. Many external hard drives also have a very high volume of data that needs to be recovered since it is used entirely as data storage and there is usually no operating system.

At ITC Data Recovery our success rate is the best in the industry and our pricing is affordable for the average consumer. You will never get a quote from ITC Data Recovery for an external drive recovery that is thousands of dollars and the majority of our external hard drive recoveries are done within 24-48 hours.  If your data is recoverable anywhere it’s recoverable at ITC Data Recovery. Give us a call, stop in for a free diagnostic report or simply fill out our online service request form and we will get your data back fast.  Guaranteed.  If for any reason we are not able to recover the data then there is no cost to you whatsoever.   

Server Data Recovery

server data recovery Milwaukee WI

If your server has failed and the data from the hard drive, RAID array or mirror has gone missing then you need ITC Data Recovery service.  If your server data is inaccessible then there has already been one critical failure.  You need an expert in server and RAID data recovery and you need one quickly. 

At ITC Data Recovery we recover Windows, Linux, Unix, NAS, Novell and other types of servers for clients in the Milwaukee metropolitan area every week.  We are experts in RAID data recovery and disaster recovery projects and server failures are usually classified as both.  Server failures where drives and data have become inaccessible are not common events in IT departments and you are going to need a specialist in RAID data recovery if you want to minimize your risk and make sure that the failure does not end with the permanent loss of the server or NAS data.  With ITC Data Recovery you can eliminate the risk and make sure that you get the best possible recovery.  Even in cases where two out of three hard drives in a RAID or NAS are failed it is rare to find a server where we are not able to recover all of our clients data.  Our RAID and NAS recoveries are 100% risk free so if for any reason we are not able to recover your data then you will not be asked to pay anything for our service.  

ITC Data Recovery can provide both data recovery and disaster recovery service.  With our data recovery service we recover the data you need while you or your IT staff works on repairing or replacing the server to re-host the recovered data.  With a disaster recovery project ITC both recovers your data and restores the server to its original running condition or provides a new server on which to re-host the recovered data.  The data and disaster recovery can usually be carried out simultaneously to speed up your return to normal operation.

For more information and to get your data recovery started simply call our main number.  If it is outside of normal business hours and this is an emergency you can speak with someone immediately by calling our main number and then pressing option #3 to be transferred to an on-call recovery specialist. 

Flash Drive

Flash drive data recovery Milwaukee WI

Bring us your broken Flash drive and we can recover the data, even if cases where the it no longer powers up.  USB Flash drives like other solid state devices (SSD) store your data on one or more memory chips and then use the devices internal software (or firmware) to spread the data out across the chip in order to avoid wearing out one area prematurely.  Even though there are no internally moving parts USB Flash drives and other SSD’s continue to fail at a predictable rate.  If your Flash drive has failed we can either repair it back to working condition for long enough to recover your data or remove the memory chip from it and extract the data in our lab. Simply drop your flash drive data recovery job off at our Waukesha data recovery lab during business hours and we will  set to work immediately to recover your data and reunite you with your long lost photos, documents and other data.  We will get your data back or it’s free. Guaranteed.


Solid State Drive

solid state SSD drive data recovery Milwaukee WI

Solid state drives (SSD’s) present a unique set of challenges when it comes to data recovery.  Not only do the drives lack the traditional ‘media surface’ where data is usually stored, they use unique algorithms and ‘firmware’ that load balance the data as it is written to prevent wearing out the chips prematurely.  

ITC Data Recovery has the tools and experience to recover your solid state device; either by repairing it and then reading the data or in more seriously damaged drives by removing the memory chips from the drives logic board and then extracting the data from them in our lab.  If your solid state device has failed then you’ve come to the right place for SSD drive data recovery in Milwaukee.

Mobile Phone

phone data recovery Milwaukee WI

We can recover photos or other data you need from cell phones and other mobile devices; even if it’s completely dead and will not power up.  If your smart phone, iPhone, Android or any other brand or model of phone has data on it that you’ve lost then you need data recovery service.  If the phone is completely dead and does not power up then we can still disassemble your broken device in our lab, remove the memory chips from it and extract the data.  Then we re-assemble the blocks of data from each chip so that you have your photos, contacts, text messages, call history or any other data that existed on your phone before it broke.  

ITC Data Recovery will make sure that you have the best odds in the industry of being happily and affordably reunited with your long lost photos or other data.  We also perform forensic data recovery services for cases where a mobile phone, smart phone, iPhone, etc. has been deliberately damaged or erased.

SD/Micro SD

SD Micro SD Data Recovery in Milwaukee WI

If the memory card that your digital camera or cell phone has stored your pictures or other data on is not allowing you to access the data then you need data recovery service.   The two types of memory cards that almost every digital camera and many cell phones use to store their data on are called SD and Micro SD.  If you have lost the data that was on the memory card in your camera or cell phone then what you are looking for is called SD Card Data Recovery or Micro SD Card Data Recovery.   In most cases we can recover your SD or Micro SD card data very quickly and for a price that makes it worthwhile for you.  

Our clean-room and data recovery lab technicians can recover the data from your SD or Micro SD card by removing the memory chip that is contained inside the SD or Micro SD memory card and then extracting the data from it in our lab.  Like all of our data recovery service jobs SD and Micro SD data recovery is risk free.  If we can’t recover your data then we won’t ask you to pay anything for the service. 

Zip/Floppy Disks and Other Media

recovery of zip disks and floppy disks

In most cases recovering data from obsolete media such as zip disks, floppy disks, optical disks and other drives that are long out of circulation are not true data recovery jobs and are actually just the transfer of archival material from an obsolete form of media to something current such as an external hard drive.  ITC Data Recovery can transfer the data from any obsolete form of storage onto a flash drive, external drive or any other device type that you require.  These jobs are often not even data recovery jobs since in most cases the disk is not damaged and we can simply copy the data off with the equipment that we have in our lab.  There are cases where the magnetic disk has degraded over time and has begun to lose data however these types of jobs are usually relatively simple.  

If you would like for us to transfer your data from Zip, floppy or some other form of obsolete storage give us a call and let us know what you need so that we can give you an estimate on moving your old archival material to some type of currently supported media.  If you have a zip disk, floppy disk, optical disk or some other media type that is damaged and it is important to you to get the data back we can perform those operations as well.

Lost your data?

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