SD/Micro SD

If the memory card that your digital camera or cell phone has stored your pictures or other data on is not allowing you to access the data then you need data recovery service.   The two types of memory cards that almost every digital camera and many cell phones use to store their data on are called SD and Micro SD.  If you have lost the data that was on the memory card in your camera or cell phone then what you are looking for is called SD Card Data Recovery or Micro SD Card Data Recovery.   In most cases we can recover your SD or Micro SD card data very quickly and for a price that makes it worthwhile for you.  

Our clean-room and data recovery lab technicians can recover the data from your SD or Micro SD card by removing the memory chip that is contained inside the SD or Micro SD memory card and then extracting the data from it in our lab.  Like all of our data recovery service jobs SD and Micro SD data recovery is risk free.  If we can’t recover your data then we won’t ask you to pay anything for the service. 

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