Flash Drive

Bring us your broken Flash drive and we can recover the data, even if cases where the it no longer powers up.  USB Flash drives like other solid state devices (SSD) store your data on one or more memory chips and then use the devices internal software (or firmware) to spread the data out across the chip in order to avoid wearing out one area prematurely.  Even though there are no internally moving parts USB Flash drives and other SSD’s continue to fail at a predictable rate.  If your Flash drive has failed we can either repair it back to working condition for long enough to recover your data or remove the memory chip from it and extract the data in our lab. Simply drop your flash drive data recovery job off at our Waukesha data recovery lab during business hours and we will  set to work immediately to recover your data and reunite you with your long lost photos, documents and other data.  We will get your data back or it’s free. Guaranteed.


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