Server Data Recovery

If your server has failed and the data from the hard drive, RAID array or mirror has gone missing then you need ITC Data Recovery service.  If your server data is inaccessible then there has already been one critical failure.  You need an expert in server and RAID data recovery and you need one quickly. 

At ITC Data Recovery we recover Windows, Linux, Unix, NAS, Novell and other types of servers for clients in the Milwaukee metropolitan area every week.  We are experts in RAID data recovery and disaster recovery projects and server failures are usually classified as both.  Server failures where drives and data have become inaccessible are not common events in IT departments and you are going to need a specialist in RAID data recovery if you want to minimize your risk and make sure that the failure does not end with the permanent loss of the server or NAS data.  With ITC Data Recovery you can eliminate the risk and make sure that you get the best possible recovery.  Even in cases where two out of three hard drives in a RAID or NAS are failed it is rare to find a server where we are not able to recover all of our clients data.  Our RAID and NAS recoveries are 100% risk free so if for any reason we are not able to recover your data then you will not be asked to pay anything for our service.  

ITC Data Recovery can provide both data recovery and disaster recovery service.  With our data recovery service we recover the data you need while you or your IT staff works on repairing or replacing the server to re-host the recovered data.  With a disaster recovery project ITC both recovers your data and restores the server to its original running condition or provides a new server on which to re-host the recovered data.  The data and disaster recovery can usually be carried out simultaneously to speed up your return to normal operation.

For more information and to get your data recovery started simply call our main number.  If it is outside of normal business hours and this is an emergency you can speak with someone immediately by calling our main number and then pressing option #3 to be transferred to an on-call recovery specialist. 

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