Mobile Phone

We can recover photos or other data you need from cell phones and other mobile devices; even if it’s completely dead and will not power up.  If your smart phone, iPhone, Android or any other brand or model of phone has data on it that you’ve lost then you need data recovery service.  If the phone is completely dead and does not power up then we can still disassemble your broken device in our lab, remove the memory chips from it and extract the data.  Then we re-assemble the blocks of data from each chip so that you have your photos, contacts, text messages, call history or any other data that existed on your phone before it broke.  

ITC Data Recovery will make sure that you have the best odds in the industry of being happily and affordably reunited with your long lost photos or other data.  We also perform forensic data recovery services for cases where a mobile phone, smart phone, iPhone, etc. has been deliberately damaged or erased.

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