PC/Laptop Hard Drive

IT departments and IT service companies all over Southeastern Wisconsin rely on ITC Data Recovery to meet their PC and laptop data recovery needs- and often to provide service for their clients as well.  Our clean-room data recovery lab service for hard drives is top notch and in most cases we can have all of your data back and copied onto an external hard drive or flash drive within 24-48 hours.  For emergencies we can often recover your most critical data within hours.  Home computer users also represent a large segment of our data recovery operations as the cost savings we provide puts clean-room data recovery service within the reach of the average computer user.  The loss of photos, documents, music/video libraries and other data is something that we can be reverse without having to spend a month’s rent or mortgage payment on it.

If your hard drive crashed, your computer no longer starts up, your data is otherwise inaccessible or the drive is no longer detected by your computer then your first call should be to ITC Data Recovery.  If the data on your failing hard drive is valuable to you then we do not advise using software to attempt data recovery.  Hard drives have a built in system to detect failures and may freeze up in a ‘protective’ mode just prior to the point where irreversible data loss occurs.  Using software recovery products on a failing drive may override that and cause irreversible data loss.  If someone has already attempted data recovery and failed then we may still be able to recover your data.  Our data recovery service is 100% risk free so if for any reason we cannot recover the data then you won’t be asked to pay anything for the work. 

No appointment is necessary to bring your drive into our service center for a free diagnostic and price quote.  If you decide to go ahead with the job we will start working on your data recovery right away.  Our data recovery service is the fastest in the industry and our prices cannot be beat.

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