Mac Hard Drive

If the Mac store told you that your hard drive is failing then you need a data recovery service provider that specializes in Macs.  While there are only a few manufacturers who produce the hard drives that go into every computer, Mac computers use a different file-system known as HFS or HFS+.  Safely recovering the data from a failed Mac file-system requires a specialization in both data recovery and Mac filesystems.  

For your Mac’s data recovery ITC Data Recovery will provide the service that you need for a price that you can afford.  Our ISO certified clean room and data recovery lab can recover the data from every model of Apple Mac computer that has ever been made and in most cases the job is complete where you will get all of your data back in as little as 24-48 hours.  Simply give us a call or bring your hard drive into our data recovery lab in Waukesha for a free diagnostic report and price quote.  We will get your data back fast and if you need your applications back as well we can get those too so that they can be copied onto your new Mac and everything will be as you left it.  

Some models such as the Macbook and iMac require specialized training and tools just to remove the hard drive from the enclosure within the machine.  If you are unsure as to how to remove the hard drive or it hasn’t already been removed for you by the Mac store then you can bring us the whole computer and our technicians will handle the job of removing the drive for data recovery at no cost to you.  External Mac storage devices are also recoverable in our lab.  

For additional information please give us a call or you can just bring your hard drive or computer into our data recovery lab in Waukesha for a free diagnostic and price quote.  All of our data recovery jobs come with a guaranty that if we can’t recover your data for any reason then you won’t be asked to pay anything for the job.

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