External Drive

External/Portable hard drives that plug into your computer via the USB port are the single most broken drive that we see in our service center.  While the physical hard drive inside the enclosure is often the same type of drive that can be found inside many computers, external drives are more prone to being bumped or falling over on the desk where they can be easily damaged.  Hard drives are relatively stable when powered off but when powered up the hard drive is very fragile highly prone to becoming damaged by even a slight impact with a desk or table.  

External hard drive data recovery requires a unique set of specializations given that they are almost always mechanical failures, the drives often have built in encryption and many lack a standardized port from which to plug them in. Many external hard drives also have a very high volume of data that needs to be recovered since it is used entirely as data storage and there is usually no operating system.

At ITC Data Recovery our success rate is the best in the industry and our pricing is affordable for the average consumer. You will never get a quote from ITC Data Recovery for an external drive recovery that is thousands of dollars and the majority of our external hard drive recoveries are done within 24-48 hours.  If your data is recoverable anywhere it’s recoverable at ITC Data Recovery. Give us a call, stop in for a free diagnostic report or simply fill out our online service request form and we will get your data back fast.  Guaranteed.  If for any reason we are not able to recover the data then there is no cost to you whatsoever.   

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