Linux/Unix Hard Drive

If you’ve got a Unix or Linux system that failed then ITC Data Recovery can recover it for you.  We can recover data from individual Linux or Unix hard drives or disk mirrors and RAID arrays where multiple drives have failed and the RAID array or drives are no longer detected.  We can get your data back or in many cases can recover entire file-systems so that you won’t have to reload the operating system and can put the system back into production immediately.  

Clients requesting data recovery services for Linux or Unix systems usually have some very specific needs that we are able to accommodate and get the data back and often the entire operating system as well.  Simply give us a call or bring your server or hard drive into our data recovery lab in Waukesha and we can perform some diagnostic tests on the hard drive(s) and tell you exactly what’s wrong with it and what your options are.  Regardless of the type of failure on your Linux or Unix box ITC Data Recovery is the fastest option and the lowest price for clean-room service.

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